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Even Access Bank ATM


Baykee used 3pcs HS Series 3kva online UPS for Even Access Bank ATM in Nigeria. The UPS to protect loads from black out, shock, surges, poewr off...etc. Particularly, the UPS is advantage of high-reliable, receive the high praise.


ATM plays a very significant role in banking and it became important, every day thousands of transactions are made through ATMS. But when those device go down because of a power outage or transactions are inaccurate because of power disturbances, not only is the transaction threatened, but the reputation of who owns the device as well.


HS series is high efficiency single phase online UPS system, HS capacity include from 1kVA to 10kVA. The UPS adopt the most advanced interface information operation technology, the user can see the UPS operation status directly from the LCD. It is the power guard for data processing centre, host system, integrated computer network, ISP service, telecom, computer room etc.


Main Features:


UPS display panel using the 35 degrees adjustable drawing design.

Flexible configuration, Change for you.

High reliability, overall efficiency up to 90%.

RS232 communication port and monitoring software. webpower card (SNMP card) , CMC card,SA400 card (dry connect).

0.9 output power factor lives up to the load trend and stronger load.

Can Support Software System: Windows, Windows Net , LAN Manager, etc.


Install BAYKEE UPS & we will help you in delivering high level of customer's satisfaction and improving customer’s loyalty.