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Xcaret theme park

Xcaret is beautiful theme park in Mexico. Baykee team used 2pcs 3phase big-capacity CHP3000 Series low frequency online UPS 120kva and 80kva, Battery and Battery Cabinet for the park. The UPS is protect the park power system.


CHP3000 series best backup UPS power supply system includes the 10 kVA to 800 kVA (3 phase input & 3 phase output) double conversion On-Line ups with an isolation transformer at Output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output power.


Main Features:


7 inches LCD+LED Big Screen Display.

Stable Rectifier and Harmonic Filters.

IGBT PWM Inverter Technology.

High Efficiency up to 92%.

Wide Input Voltage Range.

Advanced Battery Management.

Short Circuit and Overload Protection.

256 Real Time Event Log with Detailed Parameters.

Can Set ECO Work Mode.


It is applied large corporations & industries, Power supply in large corporation and industry is basic and essential to ensure a high quality power supply in industrial environments is as critical as it is vital. 

Install BAYKEE UPS & we will help you in delivering high level of customer's satisfaction and improving customer’s loyalty.