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400Kva on and off grid solar system deliver to Pakistan for big project

Recently, 400kva on and off grid solar system will deliver to Pakistan for a big solar system. All the products this time include one piece of 400kva on and off grid solar inverter, 7pieces of  MPPT solar charge controller, and some necessary componets for the installation of whole 400kva system. This is the first time we make the on and off solar system, it realise via a mppt transfer cabinet. The cabinet install 1pcs of mppt and 1 pcs of on grid solar inverter. The Mppt transfer control cabinet, will realize the on grid to off grid transfer. At the same time, it will recharge and charge the battery, track the peak power of the solar panel. All the transfer is automatic. 

After the successful installation of 400kva on and off solar system, it will storage the solar energy from the solar pv panel. At the same time, during the daily use, it will supply the main loads for the users. So can saving the electric bills for them. What is more important, the local grid condition is very bad, the grid will shut off 5-6 time a day. It extremely affect the local daily life, working and manufacturing. When the solar system installed, at day time, the constant solar power will supply the whole electric power for the users, meet the requirement of daily living using, manufacturing, etc. Meantime, the extra electric from the solar power will feed back to the grid and charge the battery. When at night time, the battery will supply the power for the users' equipment. The 400kva solar system will basically solve the energy problem locally. 

Besides the 400kva on and off grid solar system, we have done many solar system before, like 7pcs containerized solar energy storage system, 100kva off grid solar system and 60kva 80kva solar system. More and more project is waiting for us to extend. The marke for solar system is Considerable.