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BAYKEE 500KVA High-Power Paralleled UPS Systems Escort Shandong Provincial Public Security Department

Author: Baykee     Source: Baykee's Official Website    Update: Jan 12, 2018


The "Internet + Public Security Administrative Services" in the field of public safety is undoubtedly the benchmark for the highest level of the power supply industry. It is with harsh requirements from the reliable product solutions to perfect supply, implementation process and the full service life experience. Recently, the BAYKEE security power supply solutions with the core structure of 3 units of BAYKEE 500kVA high-power paralleled UPS systems successfully deployed in Shandong Provincial Public Security Technology Building, to provide safe and reliable power to its data room infrastructure and police critical equipment, assurance to ensure that its critical systems are always available and run seamlessly. The highly reliable user practice excellently interpretated the high-end national power brand connotation of "high-end guardian, extraordinary power ".

Shandong Province Public Security Department 

From the cutting-edge technology of big data, cloud computing to police anti-terrorism technology, all kinds of new technologies are applied to reduce errors, improve the quality of public safety services and improve the level of social public safety governance at the same time. However, the potential problems can occur at any time, such as: security threats, earthquakes, surges, noise, voltage drops, and  unpredictable hazards that impact service interruption.

There are a wide range of power supply loads in the Shandong Province Public Security Technology Building, they are different characteristics and high purity requirements of electricity. BAYKEE set up a special group in-depth the Shandong Province Public Security Technology Building, based on the load characteristics described by the full demonstration, and ultimately matching set high adaptability, high reliability, anti-interference ability of 500kVA Power CHP3000 Series UPS Power which are in 3 parallel solutions, as the core architecture of power supply solution for Shandong province public security department, to ensure the building infrastructure and key systems operate stably, and it is highly praised by user.

BAYKEE 500KVA High-Power Paralleled UPS Systems Escort Shandong Province Public Security Department

The BAYKEE CHP3000 series high-power UPS power supply which are application to the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department used the sixth generation of IGBT inverter technology, high-precision SMD technology and full digital control technology to effectively ensure the high accuracy of output voltage, to provide uninterrupted power supply for the key system, and ensure that the equipment supply system is safe and reliable. The broad range of mains input and filter circuit, reduced the UPS power input requirements for the utility, effectively repressed and improved surge, noise, voltage drop and other power quality phenomena, purified the power system environment, improved the input power quality, avoided the system affecting by voltage fluctuations and load changes, and improved the system security and stability; BAYKEE CHP3000 series can be multiple paralleled, with live voice prompts and alarm functions, using color large screen design, be more humane. High-power UPS power technology makes the critical system running anytime.

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