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Aerospace Baykee 2018-2019 National Marketing Work Conference and New Product Launch Conference was successfully held!

From February 22, 2019 to February 24, 2019, Aerospace Baykee "2018-2019 National Marketing Work Conference and New Product Launch Conference" was successfully held at the Foshan headquarters in Guangdong. Mr. Wang Yanbin, Vice President of Aerospace Changfeng and Chairman of Aerospace Baykee, Mr. Zhao Zhihua, Director of Aerospace Changfeng Development and Director of Aerospace Baykee, Ms. Yang Xin, Deputy Director of Aerospace Changfeng Party Group, Mr. Ye Dezhi, General Manager of Aerospace Boke, Executive Vice Mr. Zhou Fa Neng, all the middle and high-level of the Aerospace Boke Company, as well as representatives of the sales elites from 80+ marketing outlets across the country gathered together to sum up the past, look to the future, and aspire to climb the peak again!


Mr. Wang Yanbin, Chairman of Aerospace Baykee, delivered an opening speech for the conference. Mr. Wang Yanbin fully affirmed the achievements of Aerospace Baykee in the past year, and placed high hopes on the future development of Aerospace Baykee, inspiring the sales elites to make persistent efforts and create greater glories!


Mr. Zhou Fa Neng, the executive vice president, summarized the work of 2018. In 2018, Aerospace Baykee officially became a member of the aerospace Changfeng. The company's corporate culture and party building were also updated simultaneously, and remained highly consistent with the party building requirements of the Second Space Academy. Under the efforts of all Aerospace Baykee family members, they completed the performance indicators for 2018, and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the marketing staff and the Baykee family who struggled in their respective positions.


Mr. Luo, the deputy general manager, made a 2018 domestic marketing work report and 2019 market planning. Deeply analyzed the current severe market situation and explored the road to product marketing in the new year.


Upgraded version of the high frequency UPS series is coming! Mr. Zhou Heji, Director of the High Frequency R&D Department, explained the technical characteristics of the new series of high frequency UPS to everyone. Another new type IMG series integrated micro-module data center products are coming!


Lastly, the development of Aerospace Baykee is inseparable from the hard work of the sales elites on the front line. Every year, Aerospace Baykee will have a group of excellent sales teams. In this marketing conference, Aerospace Cypress recognized the outstanding sales team and sales elite in 2018, and established six categories of sales performance awards. The three regional sales and service outlets in Guangzhou, Urumqi and Beijing won the crown, first and third runner-up awards for the Aerospace Burke Sales Performance Award. At this point, the aerospace Baykee 2018-2019 national marketing work conference and new product launch conference successfully concluded, next year marketing conference, waiting for you coming!