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Aerospace Baykee Help Jingmen City E-government Cloud to Create Intelligent Modular UPS Machine Room

Recently, the Aerospace Baykee ling Rui series BK-IMC series pool level Micromodule modular ups data center solutions successfully participated, Jingmen City e-government cloud platform computer room renovation project, provide advanced technology, products and excellent service support.

E-government cloud is the government cloud. It combines the characteristics of cloud computing technology, streamlines, optimizes and integrates government management and service functions, and implements various business process management and functional services in government affairs through information technology. The department provides a reliable basic IT service platform. The modular ups data center will be a technology support for the e-government cloud system.

Information society, Government agencies handle electronic processing and centralized information processing. The data room is important for information storage and security. It involves distribution, air conditioning, communications, security, Stable operation of various systems such as fire protection, It is an important guarantee for the good operation of the government information system. There is a problem in one of the links, Will cause serious computer room accidents, This will seriously affect the performance of government functions. 

Aerospace Baykee focuses on the core needs of its customers and tailors it to the Aerospace Baykee BK-IMC series The pool-level cabinet and BKH-M series modular UPS are the core data center solutions. The program has high expansion and short construction period, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of the equipment room and reduce the cost; It is especially good for security and intelligence.

In practical applications, the Aerospace Baykee Core Micro-Module Data Center Solution has successfully served the Shanghai Songjiang Open University, Wuzhong Huanghe Gymnasium, Dongguan Second People's Court, Jiangxi Ji'an Children's Hospital, Saraichi with outstanding comprehensive performance. Power plants, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Nujiang Public Security Bureau, Huai'an Fire Brigade and many other key projects have won high praise from customers.

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