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Aerospace Baykee helps Xinxing County People's Court to build intelligent modular data center

With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile internet, data centers are the key to the application of information technology. Aerospace Baykee relies on the advantages of aerospace research, apply high quality to the design, construction and management of the machine room, system construction data center construction and infrastructure product development methodology and design concepts, Introducing a new generation of modular ups data center solutions.


Recently, the Aerospace Baykee Data Center solution has successfully entered the Xinxing County People's Court to protect the intelligent management of the court. Big data systems as an important support for their management information, with rapid deployment, low energy consumption, flexible expansion and upgrade, highly managed data center, and to ensure that its safe and reliable operation becomes a top priority.


Aerospace Baykee focuses on customer core needs, after field investigation and rigorous evaluation, tailored for aerospace Baykee BK-IMC series pool cabinet, BKH-M series modular ups a core data center solution. This series of solutions is high density, high availability, Intelligent and high-capacity features, channel closure and top panel automatic opening protection, greatly improve safety and reliability!.


In practical applications, Aerospace Baykee Modular Data Center the modular ups 100kva solution has served the Datong Public Security Bureau. Shanghai Songjiang Finance Bureau, Luanchuan County Meteorological Bureau, Tongren Metro Ji'an Children's Hospital, Xinjiang Korla TV station and other users; good user reputation and excellent running performance, verifies that Aerospace Burke has a reliable modular data center deployment technology and mature project construction experience.


Modular ups designed for the data center, besides the necessary modular ups, the battery system, BMS and air conditional, the whole monitoring system, fire emergency lighting system, all becomes very important part for the whole system. 

About Baykee :

Aerospace Baykee(Guangdong) Technology Co,.Ltd is the leading high UPS power supply manufacturer, which dedicated to providing our clients with high-end technology, products and integration solutions. Baykee UPS system power supply efficiency is up to 98%, energy-saving &environment friendly, Emergency Power Supply switching time is less than 1.8ms, Refresh all Industry Technology record. Our achievements such as: Kenya Terminal, Bashir Farms, Vodafone Ghana data center, Guard Group Telecom Sites,Nigeria UT Bank Data Center and so on.

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