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Aerospace Baykee Modular UPS Data Center Stationed at Anhui Normal University to Assist Education Modernization

Recently, The modular UPS data center from Aerospace Baykee which is the IT infrastructure and power quality service provider, successfully stationed at the College of Chemistry and Materials Science of Anhui Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the College of Chemical Technology of Anhui Normal University), will escort the modernization of the university’s education system.  

It is understood that the predecessor of the College of Chemical Technology Anhui Normal University was founded in 1930, which was the department of Chemistry of the Anhui University of Science, has more than 80 years of history. With the guidance of “Education should be oriented to modernization, facing the world, and facing the future”, the college constantly changes educational concepts, enhances the quality awareness, innovation awareness, and international competition awareness of talent cultivation, and continues to explore talent training models for chemistry. Trained a group of professionals who can master all kinds of professional knowledge and experiments, adapt to social development, and face the main battlefield of science and technology.

However, during the deepening reform of the education in the College of Chemical Technology of Anhui Normal University, the Internet and information construction has been further integrated into the education system, such as the continuous upgrading of the campus information management system, laboratory data management system, and library management system, which has brought great challenges to their old data system. So how to implement data center flexible expansion and upgrade, efficient management, low energy consumption, and rapid deployment has become an urgent issue for college informationization reform.


The Aerospace Baykee technical team responded to users' requests and eventually customized the BK-IMP series in row level modular UPS data center solution consisting of an intelligent power distribution system, an air conditioning system between columns, a cold aisle containment system, and an intelligent monitoring system. The system's high system reliability and rapid system repairability can not only be rapidly deployed and implemented, but also can be flexibly planned based on future growth, and the advantages of green energy conservation are highly praised by the leaders of the college.

The Aerospace Baykee modular ups data center infrastructure solution is implemented in three forms: cabinet level, row level, and pool level. The modular in different levels all include a complete system architecture such as cabinets, power distribution, cooling, security, and environmental monitoring, can provide the customized overall solutions for different scale data center construction needs. In this project, Aerospace Baykee adopts the BK-IMP series of row level modular ups data center room with integrated intelligent design and modular deployment to allow the system to have full flexibility and the ability to upgrade and expand capacity on demand.

The Aerospace Baykee data center infrastructure technology inherits the design, construction and management experience for the large-scale computer-dedicated rooms from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for 40 years, It has formed a profound technological accumulation, with the leading advantages of “green” and “smart” successfully served the Shizui Mountain Xinghai high school, East China Normal University Wuhu Foreign Language School, Shanghai Open University, Urumqi Railway Dispatching Office, Beijing-Guangzhou Line Yijiawan stations and other 3 stations, Jingu Rural Commercial Bank, Dali People's Procuratorate, Datong Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Songjiang Finance Bureau, Suichuan County Weather Bureau, Ji'an Children's Hospital, Xinjiang Ku'erle TV Station, Tongren Subway, Sarah Power Plant and other key projects, which are all have been highly recognized by users. In the future, Aerospace Baykee will continue to deeply and systematically establish methodologies and design concepts for the data center construction and product development, to provide clients high quality and practical data center solutions.

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