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Aerospace BAYKEE SI series solar off-grid inverters successfully entered Afghanistan market

Recently, there are 14 units Baykee SI series solar off-grid inverters to be shipped to Afghan market which provide more efficient and stable uninterrupted power supply solutions for Afghan people . SI series capacity is divided into 3KW and 5KW and can be widely used in powering all kinds of home appliances or office equipments, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.

This SI series of products are designed with Baykee high- technology, including the following functions:

Pure sine wave output.

Intelligent air cooling design to reduce the noise.

All kinds of protections and intelligent self-awakening mechanism.

Automatic detection and adaption of the weak grid.

The intelligent output function, priority guarantee the power supply for the important loads .

Support WIFI intelligent monitoring system.

MPPT maximum tracking solar system.

It has AC priority and DC priority running modes, which can be switched freely online.

Based on ultra-low power consumption, ultra-efficient transformer-based isolation architecture.

Perfect compatibility of lithium battery system.

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