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Aerospace BAYKEE UPS provides Boost uninterruptible power supply for a building in Manila, Philippines

Recently, Aerospace BAYKEE intelligent low frequency online UPS three phase 40kVA has been debugged to be shipped to Manila, Philippines. This UPS is customized chassis size according to customer needs, input and output voltage it three phase 220VAC input and output, frequency 60HZ, external 32 pieces of 12V55AH batteries.

BAYKEE online UPS uninterruptible power supply three-phase 40KVA is hot-selling product, the capacity is from 10KVA to 800KVA, with real voice alarm function, humanized touch LCD display in Chinese and English, high-speed microprocessor, sixth-generation low-loss high-power IGBT and static The switch has large capacity, high reliability, and stable performance; how far the function is to meet the various needs of users. Widely used in communications, banking, securities, transportation, electric power, industry, municipal administration and other industries.

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