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Anhui Huainan "Solar power Station" break the Guinness World Record!

Author: BAYKEE   Source: Baykee’s Official Website   Update: July 27, 2017


The world's largest floating solar power plant installed capacity up to 40 MW! 

Renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, has become a new direction for future development, At present Google, Tesla and other huge hi-tech enterprises have invested in solar energy.

The large floating photovoltaic solar power station located in a reservoir in Huainan, Anhui province. The reservoir is originally a mining subsidence area of Huainan.

Prior to this, the Japanese Kyocera company in Japan Kato built the world's largest floating solar power plant, the total installed capacity of the 4MW, divided into the Nishihira Reservoir and Higashihira Reservoir.

The floating solar power plant has more than 50,000 solar photovoltaic solar panels covering an area of 180,000 square meters.

The floating solar power plant has the advantage of using water to cool the power generation system more than land-based solar power, this "cooling effect" design allows solar power systems to operate more efficiently, according to a previous study by the Korean Water Resources company, which also points out that the conversion efficiency of a floating solar power system is 11% higher than that of a general terrestrial solar power plant.

Water floating solar power grid has many advantages, first, it will not occupy the land area, in densely populated areas are also conducive to urban planning; second, the air on the water is cooler and can improve the performance of solar panels.

With the cost of solar products falling, it is expected that in 2020 China will be able to reduce the cost of construction of photovoltaic solar equipment by more than One-third, and that in the long run, the cost of solar power will be reduced dramatically, and electricity is bound to replace conventional firepower.

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