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Another ups project in the railway and tunnel in Hunan Province

Last week, another new type double conversion online ups CHP3000 series has been delivered to Hu’nan province, to replace the old type ups, which has worked for nearly 10 years, the replace is just for updating the whole system. The double conversion online ups CHP3000 series will installed in the equipment room distributed throughout the expressway, supply the emergency power for the grid and lights in the tunnel and the service district.

The construction of the expressway is important for the whole district, the escort of Baykee’s 3 phase ups becomes the belt function to offer uninterrupted electricity for the whole line.

The Daweishan-Liuyang Expressway is a section of the second horizontal Liuyang-Huayu Expressway of the Hunan Expressway Network Planning “Five Vertical and Seven Horizontal”. It connects the Nanchang to Tonggu Expressway in the east and the Changsha to Liuyang Expressway in the west. An important strategic channel for the border between Hunan and Jiangxi.

The Daowu Mountain Tunnel is a control node project of Daliu Expressway. It starts from Xijiang Village, Xijiang Township, Liuyang City, and finally is the Jiaoxi Village of Jiaoxi Township. The tunnel adopts a separate design, in which the left line is 2958 meters long and the right line is 2984 meters long. It is currently the longest expressway tunnel in Changsha.

With excellent product quality, excellent technical strength and perfect service system, BAYKEE CHP3000 series UPS has successfully entered the tunnels of Dawushan Bridge and Lion Ridge in the Changsha area of Hunan Province, and fully stationed the tunnel power supply equipment to provide reliable Power guardian. What is more, besides the 3 phase double conversion online ups CHP3000 series, we also comply with the high quality gel battery bank, Power distribution box, and BAYKEE management and monitoring system Baykee Cloud to support the whole system.

For the double conversion online ups, we have different railway, expressway and metro project, not only because its high quality, some ups have used for nearly ten years without any default. As an old saying: Real gold is not afraid of fire. Baykee’ s double conversion online ups will overcome the challenge from the market and users.