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BAYKEE 10kva UPS power guarded the LED glass production equipment safe and efficient production

Aerospace BAYKEE UPS power solution with the best cost performance, high efficiency and reasonableness advantage, has been successfully acquired by Taiwan's Baochuang Technology Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the optoelectronics industry giant in USA. We provided dozens of double conversion online ups reliable power supply for its LED processing and manufacturing equipments, and proved the high-end guardian power in the optoelectronic industry.

Polytron Technologies Inc is one subsidiary of the US optoelectronics giant Polytronix Inc in Taiwan, Since its establishment, it has been positioned to become a technology-developing enterprise, invested heavily in the establishment of an industry-renowned R&D team, and successively developed Polymagic LED glass. Polyflush X-ray glass, Polyholo laser holographic glass, LiteGlow luminous glass, Polyscreen projection glass and other industry's first original photoelectric glass products.

The LED glass manufacturing and processing requires extremely high control precision of the equipment, so the abnormal operation of the equipment may lead to quality problems such as impurities, vacancies, grain boundaries, and adsorption and segregation of surfaces and interfaces. And the equipments with extremely high control accuracy and sensitivity which require for the electric energy also extremely high. The quality problems of mains such as surges, sharp waves, harmonics, etc, may cause irreversible loss of equipment. Therefore, the highly reliable UPS power supply system is one of the important measures to protect the equipment from the interference of the mains quality problem, and it is an effective guarantee for the safe and efficient production. 


Based on the loads characteristics of LED glass manufacturing and processing equipment infrastructure and key systems in Polytron Technologies Inc, and after sufficient program demonstration and meticulous capacity calculation, BAYKEE provided dozens of high quality MP11 series 10 KVA UPS and 20KVA UPS power supply, maintenance-free battery and battery cabinet uninterruptible power supply systems, to protect its safe and efficient production. The Baykee MP11 series UPS power supply has the advantages of excellent human-computer interaction performance, simple maintenance, stable system operation, etc. They can effectively solve the problem of mains quality and protect the stable operation of the LED production equipment.

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