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Baykee 3 phase ups/modular ups offer ups solution for education industry

Recently, the Aerospace Baykee Modular ups Data Center has successfully entered another university, Southern University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as South University of Science and Technology), to provide reliable and safe power supply for smart campuses.


In the information age, as an innovative university, Southern University of Science and Technology believes that integrating the Internet and informatization into the education system is the general trend. The campus information management system, laboratory data management system, and library management system are constantly upgraded. The old-fashioned data system can no longer meet the demand. How to realize flexible expansion and upgrade of the data center, efficient management, low energy consumption, and rapid deployment become the information of Southern University of Science and Technology. The key elements of the construction considerations.

After site inspecting visits for many times, the Aerospace Baykee’s Technical Team has customized the BK-IMC series pool-level modular data consisting of intelligent power distribution system, air-conditioning system and dynamic ring monitoring system for various teaching and research equipment of Southern University of Science and Technology. Central solution. The solution is characterized by reliability, intelligence, energy saving and flexible expansion. From the selection of the program to the rapid deployment and implementation, the professional and trustworthiness of the Aerospace Baykee was unanimously affirmed by the South University of Science and Technology.


Besides, Baykee also offer the modular ups solution for other university, like Zhongshan University, Beijing Jianzhu University, Chongqing University, Nanjing Normal University, Zhejiang Normal University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Macau University and so on.

 Baykees ups products included double conversion ups, line interactive ups, outdoor ups, emergency power supply, railway and metro ups, modular ups and so on. 

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