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BAYKEE CHP3000 series 800KVA online ups successfully used in Shenzhen 26th annual World University students Summer Games

Are you watching the World Cup? Did you know that our state-of-theart UPS systems backing up the infrastructure that brings a thrilling, safe and eco-friendly environment to facilities hosting major sporting events including 1.Shenzhen Universiade, BAYKEE CHP3000 series 800KVA online ups successfully used in Shenzhen 26th annual World University students Summer Games, for the successful holding of the Universiade to provide high reliability of power protection. 2. 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games--Guangzhou Asia Yuncheng City comprehensive gymnasium, including gymnastics, billiards, squash Arena and the Guangzhou Asian Games History Museum, to build the largest venues, is also one of the key venues of the competition. 



Among them, the gymnasium set up a fixed audience seats 6,233, after the game can be transformed into 8000 basketball hall, with a variety of functional flexibility. In order to adapt to the performance of gymnastics, which is a very artistic and attractive sport, the design of the museum highlights the theme of "Elegant Ribbon", the use of a variety of engineering new technologies and a variety of energy-saving new technologies to reduce energy consumption, green environmental protection, in 2010 after the Asian Games, the stadium will become the Guangzhou New Town, sports, business, Public services, such as multi-functional integrated building complex, to serve the public.


The stadium uses the latest energy-saving EPS series products, the product uses a fast-off detection software design, so that the conversion time is less than 2 milliseconds, is China's shortest switching time of EPS products, 100% to meet the venue lighting system of high-pressure sodium lamps and related lighting requirements of electricity conversion, To ensure that the major events in the games during the game is foolproof, so that human sports projects in a safe and reliable display of its wonderful. 

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