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Baykee EPS Emergency Power Escorts Arts Academy of Tsinghua University

Recently, Baykee  once again has received good news in the field of emergency power supply for education. The EPS emergency power supply successfully entered the Arts Academy of Tsinghua University and contributed to the cause of the new era of the motherland.

Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, the former Central Academy of Arts and Crafts was officially incorporated into Tsinghua University on November 20, 1999 and renamed the Arts Academy of Tsinghua University. It is one of the most influential design colleges in China. The university has a large scale, complete professional facilities, and excellent teaching conditions. It has a studio, library, large and small classrooms, professional laboratories, teaching offices, and large exhibition halls. The university pays attention to cultivating students' innovative spirit and innovative ability. While strengthening the basic professional teaching, the school continues to broaden students' knowledge and strives to improve students' overall quality. It is an art palace with no math dreams.

Campus fire security is an important part of security personnel and property safety. There are certain security risks in the public places such as teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, major event centers, function rooms, dormitory buildings, and libraries.

For the daily use of the building, Baykee customized the emergency power upgrade program for on-demand use of Baykee's dozens of EPS emergency power supplies, which has the advantages of less than 1.8ms ultra-short emergency switching time, close to 100% efficiency of the whole machine, intelligent digital design, etc., Baykee EPS emergency power source has successfully won the affirmation of t Tsinghua University.

Baykee EPS production workshop

Baykee has always been committed to scientific research and innovation, based on the real needs of users from the point of view of the electricity safety of the education industry, and to create a high level of technical solutions. With the technological advantage and product strength of the leading industry, Baykee EPS has been successfully recognized by many authoritative organizations, and has been awarded the title of Guangdong Famous Brand Products, High-tech Products of Guangdong Province, etc. It has served Anhui Normal University, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, and China successively. Many educational institutions such as the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Central University of Finance and Economics, and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have established a good user reputation and strong brand influence. This successful handover of the Arts Academy of Tsinghua University has reaffirmed baykee's leading edge in education.