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Focusing on "911" disaster -- Apocalypse of development of Baykee fire emergency power system

Author: Baykee     Source: Baykee's Official Website   Update: Sep 15, 2017

 In September 11th  a tragedy, grief enveloped the whole world

Sixteen years ago, the US World Trade Center and the Pentagon suffered a series of terrorist attacks, the American people into a collective nightmare. Shocked the world "9.11 disaster" is the most serious terrorist attacks in human history so far, is the second World War II during the Pearl Harbor incident, the history of the second time on the United States caused heavy casualties, according to the United Nations published The report said the attack on the US economic losses of up to 200 billion US dollars, 115 citizens from the country in this incident casualties, the number of injured more than 6,000 people, the victims up to more than 3,000 people, including more than 300 firefighters.

South tower of world trade center has three emergency evacuation channels leading to the ground, of which two were destroyed, more than 77 layers can not be used, only one channel can be used. "We do not know where the stairs are, though it is so close to us, but we can not see ... the dark corners of the corridor, the choking of the smell, the faintly distinguishes the staircase from the stairs ..." The escapeer said: "Because there is no Fire sign, we do not know where is the stairs ... only slowly go down ...".

It can be seen that there are very few people who have been fought from the World Trade Center to fire collapsed for 40 minutes to more than 100 minutes, but few people who have succeeded in fleeing can not imagine what people in the building have experienced in the sudden disaster Like panic and despair, how to escape and find in the darkness of the unprepared ... ... time is the lifeline, facing the spread of fire and buildings at any time under the collapse of the emergency situation, quickly find the evacuation channel, have the opportunity to escape safely. Although we can not understand the World Trade Center fire emergency lighting layout, but also reported that people in the escape process to rely on only the staircase light stripes, the building floor of the floor is clearly the lack of lighting and evacuation lights.


Blood and tears warning, and promote the comprehensive development of fire emergency power supply system

It is this "911 incident" in the fire emergency aspects of the lesson, to the people brought a deep alert. Fire emergency system is an indispensable important fire fighting facilities in all buildings, in the emergency related to life, property security, is the rapid evacuation of personnel, fire rescue is extremely critical support.

EPS fire emergency power leading into China in the 1990s, is a single emergency lights and lighting power, less in the field of fire applications. 2001 "911 incident", was hailed as "city lifeline system" EPS power has been a real development.

In 2002, China began to have the first EPS emergency power supply manufacturer. In 2003, the industry implementation of GB17945-2000 national standards of the People's Republic of China "fire emergency lighting" product standards; with the domestic fire industry, building electrical design industry EPS fire Emergency response of the increasingly important, in 2006 the state has introduced the GB16806-2006 People's Republic of China national standard "fire linkage control system," the implementation of standards, but also indicates that the domestic EPS emergency power supply in the field of fire has been fully applied.

Times in the promotion of development, Baykee energy-efficient EPS power came into being

In 2007, Baykee's first "energy-saving" as a prominent advantage of the EPS power products turned out, this is the technology products on the demand of times development. The EPS power supply is equipped with power security And fire safety emergency power, in the centralized lighting power on the basis of the large-scale, high-rise development,high demand of urban construction power supply system.

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