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Baykee micro-module no break ups applicant in Guyuan Municipal Vocational and Technical College

For its high efficiency, intelligence and rapid deployment, Baykee Ling Rui series micro-module no break ups products have attracted the attention of users in various industries. Among them, in the field of education, Baykee, based on its superior technological advantages and R & D strength, has grasped the changes in market demand and provided a large number of high-quality products for the construction of domestic education informatization.


Recently, the data center solution of BK-IMP micro-module no break ups of Baykee Ling Rui series successfully entered Guyuan City Vocational and Technical Institute for nationalities, providing it with advanced technology, products and excellent service support. It fully and effectively meets the needs of many levels in the construction and application of the project, and creates a stable and energy-saving operating environment for the data center.

Guyuan Municipal Vocational and Technical College for nationalities is a national key secondary vocational school that integrates vocational education, technical training, and continuing education, and is the first batch of national secondary vocational education reform and development demonstration construction schools. Ningxia Hui Autonomous region college graduates employment advanced collective. In order to improve the teaching level of the school, Guyuan Vocational and Technical College for nationalities has put forward strict standards for the safety, stability and energy saving of this data center upgrade, and also has very high requirements for the application of all the corresponding products.


Baykee Ling Rui series BK-IMP micro-module data center solution is designed with reliable, efficient, flexible and fast delivery concept, with easy deployment, low cost and high efficiency. Intelligent management and other advantages have won the favor of the data center project team of Guyuan Vocational and Technical College for nationalities.


Baykee focuses on customer core requirements and improves the configuration of core value product solutions, especially in data center energy saving. The Baykee Ling Rui series BK-IMP micro-module no break ups effectively provides larger and more concise wiring space for the data center, which optimizes the airflow organization of the hot and cold channels; the leading interline air conditioning technology effectively saves a lot of energy consumption. Combined with modular technology, the reliability, availability and energy saving of cooling system are greatly improved. Dynamic refrigeration system can provide more targeted energy saving scheme for users with different climate environment and different refrigeration architecture.


In practical application, the solution of Baykee Ling Rui Micro-module data Center has successfully served the College of Chemistry and Materials Science of Anhui normal University, Songjiang Open University of Shanghai, and Wuhu Foreign language School of China normal University with its excellent comprehensive performance. Shizuishan Xinghai Middle School, Yinchuan Yongtai Primary School, Wu Zhong Yellow River Gymnasium, Dongguan second people's Court, Jiangxi Ji'an Children's Hospital, Salaqi Power Plant, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Nujiang Public Security Bureau, Huaian City Fire Detachment and many other key projects and won high praise from customers. The transformation project of the data center of Guyuan City Vocational and Technical College for nationalities is also due to the Aerospace Burke Intelligence Micro system. The outstanding quality of the module product gives the plan more than expected actual effect, in the follow-up project will continue to use the Baykee Ling Rui series Micro-module for IT system escort.

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