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Introduction of Aerospace BAYKEE MPPT solar controller

The MPPT series produced by Aerospace Baykee is a new product developed based on the latest technology. This MPPT solar controller has many excellent advantages as follows: MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, tracking efficiency is not less than 99.5%; Using high-quality non-components to improve system performance, the maximum conversion efficiency can reach 98%; Maximum power point tracking speed is fast, while ensuring tracking efficiency; Accurate identification and tracking of multi-peak maximum power points; Reliable automatic limitation of maximum PV array input power to ensure no overload under any conditions; Wide operating voltage range of PV array maximum power point; Adopting LCD display design to dynamically display the operating data and working status of the equipment; With battery temperature compensation function; With real-time power statistics and record function; Use the standard Modbus communication protocol based on RS-485 communication bus to maximize the communication needs of different occasions.