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Jinhong high-speed railway open to traffic, Baykee overall Expressway power supply plan for the city of Central Yunnan

Author: Baykee     Source: Baykee's Official Website    Update: Nov 17, 2017

North from the "Ancient Dian Dian Yi", "Zheng He hometown" Jinning County in Kunming, south to "Yunnan in the grain barn", "cloud town" Hongta District in Yuxi city, November 8th, One from north to south, connecting Kunming and Yuxi, the economic development in central Yunnan channel - Jinhong Express, announced the official opening of the trial. This blend of Chengjiang fossil group, Nie Er music art, landscape Yuxi, navigator Zheng He and other elements of great local characteristics, "the most beautiful high-speed" is to build Kunyu tourism and cultural industries economic belt of an important channel to promote the development of Economic circle in Yunnan Province.

Jin Hong Express opened smoothly, Baykee Express added another classic case of field applications. With outstanding product quality, excellent technical strength and perfect service system, Baykee successfully beat many competitive brands and became the only supplier of power solutions to Jinhong Expressway. To Baykee EPS emergency power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, power supply as the core structure of the highway integrated power solutions, fully stationed in Jinhong high-speed all the important places to provide reliable power guard.

Jinhong Expressway is about 51 kilometers long. It is Yuxi's layout according to "one district, two belts, four cities and more points". The Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government conscientiously implement the major strategic decisions of the Yunnan Central City Circle and speed up Kunyuhong Travel Red Cultural Industry Economic Belt Construction a major move. The completion of the highway will play a very important role in forming the expressway network in Yunnan Province and promoting the economic cooperation between Yunnan Province and ASEAN countries. At the same time, it will improve the traffic conditions in the central Yunnan region and strengthen the interconnection between the central Yunnan region and the southern Yunnan region, The economic development of Central Yunnan, the development of tourism resources, and the full realization of the 60-minute traffic circle in central Yunnan are of great significance.

Power infrastructure occupies a central place in the operation of modern expressways and is the driving force for the normal operation of major electromechanical systems such as tunnels, monitoring, tolling and communications. It is also the key measure for the safe and long-term operation of expressways, and its importance is not Paraphrasing. In view of the actual electricity demand of Jinhong Expressway. Baykee's technical team has rich experience in highway applications, thoroughly inspected the project site, and customized the expressway integrated power supply solution as required. The Baykee FEPS- BKS series of emergency power supply, CHP3000 series and MP3100 series UPS power supply and other advantages of products. All provide a personalized service program to solve Jinhong Expressway power quality issues covering products, technologies, services and other areas of the full range of solutions.

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