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Baykee’s 40kva and 60kva ups used in the project of “sponge city” in Baoshan

November 29, 2018 International City Pipeline Exhibition Smoothly ended, Space Shuttle Baykee made a wonderful appearance. During the exhibition, many interested customers were stopped to talk. Our workers have introduced our BK-GL series ups 20kva 30kva to them, besides the visitors all are well acknowledged about our products and company. Greatly increase the brand awareness in the pipe industry.

Referring to the underground pipe gallery, we hit the iron Come and talk about the "sponge city" associated with it.In recent years, problems such as shackles and water shortages in cities have become increasingly serious. Seeing the sea every rain has become a common problem in many cities. Sponge City as a new type of construction mode, It has received much attention and optimism.

Sponge City: As the name implies, the land is like a sponge. When it rains, it can be absorbed locally, absorbed, infiltrated, infiltrated, Purify rainwater, replenish groundwater, and regulate water circulation;In the case of drought and water shortage, it is conditional to release the stored water. And use it as a water resource management strategy and method.

The application of no break ups in the project”sponge city” is very widely and important.

The construction of the sponge city not only effectively alleviates the problem of urban shackles,It can also alleviate the shortage of water resources and the deterioration of water quality in China. Providing support for the establishment of a benign aquatic ecosystem,It can also improve our living environment. Add color to the city's humanities and natural landscapes.

As a city development concept and construction method, an important symbol of transformation, there are more than 140 cities across the country

Formulate a sponge city construction plan, underground integrated pipe gallery as a sponge city. An important part of the construction, the safe and reliable operation of each system has become a top priority.

Recently, Aerospace Baykee's pipe gallery emergency power supply solution

Successfully participated in another city pipe gallery project -Comprehensive road corridor project for urban roads in downtown Baoshan, Yunnan Province; Building a “Sponge City” for Baoshan City Eliminate the obstacles of power outages and power outages.

What is the character of Baykee’s BK-GL series EPS and ups 20kva and 30kva?

More option for choose: Centralized configuration emergency power supply. Partitioned integrated emergency power suppl. Terminal configuration emergency power supply.

Extend the using life of battery.

Guard the power safety of the city’s communication, transportation lighting and monitoring system.

Specially designed for the Pipe Gallery industry. More professional and higher efficiency.

Baykee’s ups covers different industry, financial: modular ups.Data center: modular ups. 300kva ups. Railway and metro: Emergency power source EPS BK-D series, FEPS series. Manufacture:CHP series 40kva and 60kva ups. Aerospace: some intelligent ups designed for aerospace and airplane.