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Baykee’s UPS and EPS Guard the Safety for Railway Station

Among all the transportation tools, the railway transportation is very important, and many people choose this as the main tool go trip. Now chinese railway lines are widely distributed, from the southeast Hainan province to northest Hei longjiang province, from Tibet to Shanghai, China to Europe train, etc. almost everywhere covers the railway, it is extremely convenient for people to go travel.

However, the safety use of electric power on the trains and railway control system center becomes very important. In the railway industry, we have done many successfully emergency power supply and ups 40kVA and ups 100kVA project, Guangzhou railway station, Wuhan-Guangzhou high speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed train etc and some railway project overseas like Lahore orange line railway and Nigeria Abuja railway, Tanzania railway etc.   

In the Guangzhou railway station, our engineer choose the emergency power supply 220kw for the whole electric power solution. The technical advantages of  emergency power supply 220kw is less than 2 ms of transit time, environmental friendly and energy saving features have enabled Baykee large power EPS-220KW to supply emergency power protection for its lighting systems. Baykee’ UPS 40kVA andups 100kVA will also provide highly reliable power supply for the signal systems. Besides, the outdoor ups also offer the power for the outdoor telecom base along the whole railway line.

BAYKEE EPS and UPS will attribute to the construction of the railway and metro, keep the electric power no break, and offer the power for the emergency lighting system in case of any emergency. The EPS and UPS is an important part for the railway station.