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More than 700 sets of EPS ( Emergency Power Supply ) support for the Xicheng high-speed railway

Author: Baykee    Source: Baykee's Official Website     Update: Dec 18, 2017

The ancient Shu Road, which total length is about 1,000 KM, is south from Chengdu, over Guanghan, Zitong, Guangyuan out of Sichuan province, along  Baohe (which is in Shanxi )over Shihmen, crossing the Qinling Ridge, out of the valley, through Eight hundred miles of Qinchuan.  December 6, 2017, Chinese  first High-speed Railway through the Qinling Mountains –Xicheng high-speed railway will be opened across the board. A thousand years of the path along the cliff and thousands of miles of high-speed railway, like the silver dragon whistling all the way through the mountain, Shanchuan Shu Road has entered into a new era of high-speed railway !Since then, Chengdu to Xi'an only takes 4 hours, and 3 hours to access to the national high-speed railway network !This will be the fastest way to connect Shu Road to the Central Plains region and Millennium Shu Road is no longer difficulty.


High-end national power brand " BAYKEE" has been dedicated to the subdivision market plowing, and making the customized solution and products for the users. Baykee  bravely climbed in the past 10 years and now it has precipitated a number of industry-specific product solutions, such as: railway dedicated power supply, expressway dedicated power supply etc. Recently, Baykee has been successfully installed into the Xicheng High Speed Rail Line, providing green and reliable power for its infrastructure and key systems such as station buildings and tunnel lighting throughout the entire line. This ensures the emergency power supply safety in Sichuan Expressway , which is once again leading the field of rail traffic safety power supply.


 Based on the description of the load characteristics and the actual environment of power supply, Baykee engineer team conducted in-depth investigation on the Xicheng High Speed Rail Tunnel to ensure the reliability and stability of power supply, The moisture-proof and dust-proof environment-friendly design has been strongly recognized by the user. It is understood that there are more than 700 sets of EPS emergency power supply, which has the ability of high efficiency ,short time switching, small, high altitude still shows high reliability, are applied to Xicheng high speed railway station and tunnel lighting project. The EPS emergency power supply  also integrates the Internet of Things Technology, remotely controlled and it is very suitable for remote tunnel environment, and fully meets the Xicheng high speed railway into tunnel emergency power supply needs.

 In the past ten years, China's high-speed railway continued to set new record in the world and won world-renowned achievements. From scratch, from catch-up to beyond, from the east to the west, from the "four vertical and four horizontal" to the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" The great development has opened a new era of human traffic history.

During the past decade, Baykee firmly has stood behind the construction of China's "Belt and Road" and has become the strong support  for the modernization  of China's  economy.

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Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Company is the leading high UPS power supply manufacturer, which dedicated to providing our clients with high-end technology, products and integration solutions. Baykee UPS system power supply efficiency is up to 98%, energy-saving &environment friendly, Emergency Power Supply switching time is less than 1.8ms, Refresh all Industry Technology record. Our achievements such as: Kenya Terminal, Bashir Farms, Vodafone Ghana data center, Guard Group Telecom Sites,Nigeria UT Bank Data Center and so on.

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