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Hot-sale BAYKEE HTT Series Pro Type New Generation Intelligent High Frequency Online UPS

HTT series Pro type new generation intelligent high frequency online UPS is a new product developed by Aerospace BAYKEE, which is widely used in domestic and oveasea for large data centers, computer rooms, communication base stations, automation control systems, security systems, radio and television systems, medical systems, etc.


Performance Characteristics:

PSM energy sharing function, the mains mode battery can work in both directions

10-inch color touch screen, no computer needed for debugging

ECT self-aging function can also age other UPS equipment in series

The whole system comes standard with PWI-Power Walk In function, soft cut into the mains

Input signal is customized, communication monitoring is not limited

Parallelled operation is simple and convenient: double insurance + automatic current sharing + dynamic rotation

Application field:

HTT series P-type is a true online double conversion, three-phase uninterrupted green power system developed by IT administrators of users in various fields such as data centers. It has high frequency, high power density, high reliability, and simple operation and maintenance features, For the modern new data room to solve the typical power supply problems faced by the shortage of funds, limited room space, professional management and Typical power supply problem. Aerospace BAYKEE fully considers various application factors in product design. The entire series adopts Vienna topology IGBT power conversion technology, ABM intelligent battery management system and multiple international technologies, combined with the international mainstream trends of green, environmental protection, and energy saving and advanced industry It’s designed with advanced module technology and excellent technical indicators, which can effectively block the impact of abnormal power sources on the load, and provide feasible, reliable, pure and stable uninterrupted output power. If you want to know more product information, please contact us in your free time.