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How is the LiFe-Po4 Battery? Where the Lithium battery can be applicant?

We started using lithium batteries in digital DVs more than 20 years ago, but why not use them in the data center field? The main reason is that lithium batteries do not provide a balance between price, energy density, safety and reliability for UPS suppliers. However, in recent years, the rapid development of electric vehicles and new energy has promoted the advancement of lithium battery technology and the price reduction. Today's lithium battery cost has dropped by 70% compared with five years ago. At the same time, lithium battery chemical cost and technology improvement. It also provides a realistic solution for suppliers.


Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries rely on their excellent characteristics, including higher energy density (70-260 kWh/kg vs. 15-50 kWh/kg) and longer life cycle (10-15 years). Vs. 4-6 years), fast charging (1/21 hour vs. 6-12 hours), saving 50-80%, weight loss 60-80%, charge and discharge times>1000 cycles vs. <400 Cycles, etc., will gradually replace the traditional lead-acid battery as the preferred backup battery for data center UPS. According to a global data center survey conducted by Uptime in 2017, 10% of data centers have used lithium batteries as backup energy.


Due to the reduction of microgrid, smart grid, new energy and energy storage costs, many countries and regions have higher requirements for data center sustainability. Therefore, more and more data center owners are considering Reduce energy costs and achieve data center sustainability through lithium battery storage. As the world's largest lithium battery producer, China's excess lithium battery capacity also needs to open up new application growth points, such as wind energy storage, power grid frequency modulation, and communication power. Therefore, we believe that lithium batteries will be used more and more in the data center.


Need to be noticed, the lithium battery has been successfully applicant in many places. Baykee s new type LiFe-Po4 battery has been used in the Hongkong-Zhuhai- Macau bridge, will supply the power in case of any emergency. The LiFe-Po4 battery pack comes with a BMS management system. The Baykee UPS power supply can communicate with the BMS through the CAN port, read and display the LiFe-Po4 battery pack information, and respond to the BMS alarm control.