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How to USE your UPS? The installation and maintenance of online ups.

The line interactive UPS combines the advantages of high quality of double conversion online UPS power supply and high efficiency of off-line UPS equipment, and the power supply mode can be determined according to the specific conditions of the load. The application of uninterruptible power system technology, the public grid connects thousands of users of various electrical properties, as well as a wide variety of loads. The uninterruptible power supply system is an energy storage emergency power supply device that provides constant voltage and constant current for electrical loads in the event of power supply interruption or failure of the public power grid, and is composed of a rectifier, a charger, a battery pack, an inverter, a monitor, and the like. It has significant utility in solving the problem of power supply stability, and has gradually developed into an automated local power supply center with stable quality and reliable performance. So it is needed for some important equipment and places.

The installation and maintenance of online ups.

Before the installation of online ups, need to give a sit inspection, choose a suitable places to install the ups, and then need to check if the ups wire is no damage and all the battery components is enough for use. For accurately installed, need the professional technician to connect under the instruction of the user manual.


When using the online UPS power system, not only the main components should be inspected regularly, but also the voltage and internal resistance of each battery unit of the UPS battery pack should be detected. The power system not only protects it, but also prolongs its service life. Specifically, it can be started from the following aspects.

1. Regularly check the UPS power supply

When using the UPS power system, not only the main components should be inspected regularly, but also the voltage and internal resistance of each battery unit of the UPS battery pack should be detected.         

2. First charge

The new UPS should be charged directly to the battery for about 12 hours without load before use. If the UPS power supply is in the floating state for a long time without discharging operation, then the whole UPS is in the storage state. If this state is kept for too long, the battery function may be degraded due to the long-term saving state, and the battery will slowly fail over time. Or scrapped. It is recommended to use UPS battery to supply power to the device once every three months or so, so that the UPS battery is discharged normally, and the battery discharge voltage is controlled above the minimum allowable discharge voltage. 

3. Select a suitable charging protection work point

The charging system basically uses a constant voltage load-stop charging circuit. This circuit can set an overvoltage protection working point for the battery, which has a good protection effect on the battery, but the protection working point cannot be set too high or too low. Because the protection of the working point can directly lead to overcharging or insufficient charging of the battery.

4.Maintain indoor temperature

The working environment of the battery is closely related to the storage capacity of the battery. The UPS power supply has higher requirements on the ambient temperature, generally 0 to 40 ° C, and the optimum temperature is 25 ° C ± 5%. If the temperature is too high, the inverter will stop working and alarm, and it will also affect the battery life; if the temperature is too low, it will affect the output capacity of the battery. In summer, the temperature is very high. If the ventilation is not good, the large amount of heat generated by the operation of the equipment itself cannot be discharged in time, and the temperature will rise rapidly. If it exceeds 55 °C, the inverter will stop working. The working environment with too high or too low temperature will directly affect the life and working performance of the UPS power system.