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Industrial Double Conversion Online 30kVA UPS to Dominican Republic

Last month, one unit of industrial double conversion online 30kVA UPS system was shipped to Dominican Republic client. The UPS system will be used for the industry equipment there, it bring the pure sine wave uninterrupted power supply to the load. Its input voltage is 3 phase 5 wires 127/220VAC 60Hz, and output voltage is 3 phase 127/220VAC 60Hz, With 32 pieces of 12V 38AH maintenance-free VALVE regulated GEL batteries for backup time 15 minutes for the load when the mains power supply is failure.

What’s about the main features of the industrial double conversion online 30kVA UPS?

Ture online double conversion technology, Digital control techniqe. High precision SMD technique, and the 6th generation IGBT inverter, Stable rectifier and harmonic filters.

Static & manual bypass operation, high-performance dynamic characters, and advanced user interface, advanced communication capabilities, excellent load characters, perfect generator compatibility. Auto restart, 3 phases separately adjustment, balance stabilizing. Optional EPO, optional input harmonic filter or 12 pules wave rectifier, personalized settings.

Which fields of the industrial double conversion online UPS can be used for?

This series industrial double conversion online UPS adopts high-speed microprocessor (MCU), programmable logic device (CPLD) program which are controlled by software, the sixth generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT and static switch as power components. It combines the word’s newest control spare parts and the most advanced software. It entirely breaks through the technical bottleneck in traditional simulation age. It adopts the digital control technology and high-precision SMD technology. This online UPS can suit for various power grid enviorments. All features can offer users the big capacity, flexibility, high reliability, stability etc. 

The industrial double conversion online UPS can be widely used in telecom, bank, security, transporting, utility, manufacture, industry, commerce, government, medical equipment etc. Besides, we have different type ups suit for different equipment, like railway, telecommunication, aerospace, medical and etc.