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Industry Leader BAYKEE Attended The Data Center High-end Forum To Share The Overall Module Architecture Program

Author: Baykee   Source: Baykee’s Official Website   Update: Oct 27, 2017

The "2017 Data Center Facilities Forum and Financial Technology Innovation Summit" was held in Shanghai, which theme is "integration and innovation". The conference was held under the guidance of China Internet Association and Shanghai Communications Administration, and supported co-organized by Shanghai Internet Association, Data Center Operations Working Group, Shanghai Internet Association, China Internet Association Internet Finance Committee, Shanghai Information Service Industry Association and other units.

Summit Forum focus on the data center industry trends and industry hot topics over the years, and invited the domestic and foreign data center application industry technical experts, authoritative leaders, industry leaders and other heavyweight guests to share and explore the topics. It becomes the domestic large-scale, wide impact and the authority of data center infrastructure exchange platform.

As the influential IT infrastructure service supplier in China, Mr. Qin Yucai (who is the Director of Data Center Division of Foshan BAYKEE New Energy Technology Incorporated Co.,Ltd) and Mr. Cheng Xiaolong (who is senior Engineer of Data Center Division) were invited to attend this Summit Forum, and delivered a keynote address of "Data Center and Module Architecture".

The senior engineer of BAYKEE Data Center Division Mr. Cheng Xiaolong, analyzed the challenges and perplexities faced by the traditional data center construction around the theme of "integration and innovation". He shared innovation and breakthrough in IT infrastructure services, and introduced the application features and advantages of "BAYKEE IM smart modular data center" technology solutions, service room precision air conditioning and other subsystem solutions in the new generation of data center .

With the rapid development of cloud computing and large data technology, the data center is the key infrastructure for the development of information technology. BAYKEE is based on the forefront of the industry and deeply understands the current and future development needs. With the help of the academic research force of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, taking their 40 years of large-scale computer room design, construction and management experience, and the methodology and design concepts of the system building data center construction and infrastructure product development from Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute. We launched the new generation of modular data center solutions, this series of programs with high density , high availability, intelligent, standardized, green features. In particular of the fourth-generation data center construction concept, which optimize the energy consumption indicators PUE, energy saving 15%~20% and saving space 30%~40 %. It catches up with domestic data center infrastructure technology, widespread concerned by the users.

Meantime, with this opportunity, BAYKEE has a deep understanding of the current wave of FinTech and the deep integration of IT technology and finance. In the future, BAYKEE will also pay close attention to the development trend of the data center industry and the individual needs of financial users. To provide the better technology solutions and better service for the data center users of financial technology innovation field. To achieve high efficiency, high standards, intelligent operation and maintenance management data center!

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