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Aerospace BAYKEE Online UPS assists Qinghai University of date center construction project

Recently, a batch of UPS of Aerospace BAYKEE has arrived at the site of Qinghai University of date center construction project, and all online UPS have been put in place ready to installation. This batch of Online UPS includes BAYKEE UPS power supply, EPS power supply, modular UPS power supply and supporting batteries. The series of core products that make up the program adopt PSD digital control high-precision technology, high-speed microprocessors, programmable logic devices, sixth-generation low-loss high-power IGBT and static switches, with high reliability, stable performance, and 100% power grid Environmental adaptability. Aiming at the power safety needs of the education industry, Aerospace BAYKEE has tailored reliable and efficient safe power supply solutions for the education industry, and has successfully served well-known universities such as Tsinghua University and Sun Yat-sen University.

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