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The 24VDC 3kva UPS will comply with the Telecommunication equipment in South Africa

Recently, our clients from South Africa has purchased 300pcs of 24VDC 3kva ups from us. Those 300pcs 3kva ups will used for the telecommunication equipment for one telecom company in South Africa, it will bring no break power supply for those equipment.

The above video is our shipment for those 300pcs, it was packed in 7 pallet, will be delivered to Shenzhen, and ship to South Africa in recent week. The 24VDC 3kva ups is low frequency online ups, power factor 0.6, without the battery inside, need to comply 24 VDC battery bank. The input and output voltage also can be custom designed from 145vac to 275 vac, and frequency is from 45hz to 75hz. The capacity is optional from 1kva to 10kva.., As a mini ups 3kva, it is different from the high frequency online ups. The character of the 3kva mini ups is: Traditional EI transformer, stable performance, pure sinusoidal LCD/LED&LCD real-time display, simple and intuitive power wide voltage transmission, AVR stable output support RS232 communication interface can be built into the MPPT or PWM solar controller mode: Battery priority is optional, intelligent charging mode.

Which equipment can the mini 3kva ups support?

Besides the telecom field, the mini 3kva ups also can be used in the home use, office use, some small equipment like 3D printer, Fax, computer, and CCTV camera, fire lighting system and so on. The capacity is optional from 1kva to 10kva, suit for different needs. What is more, it can connect with the generator via the dry contact, when the battery is empty, the generator can supply power for the loads.

How is the market of the mini 3kva ups?

Based on our former orders with our clients, in some countries, like South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, and some Aisa countries, it sold very well with large market. Because the mini 3kva ups with lower price, easy for sold, relatively good quality. They are warmly welcomed in the local market. Only in the African countries, every year 1000pcs min ups has been shipped to there. And in some Asian countries, no tax for importing those ups, many distributor and wholesaler there has import many for lower price. So if you want to make the business about the ups, the mini ups will be a good choice for you.