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The First “Aerospace Baykee” Tug-of-war Ended Successfully/Variable Culture of China ups Supplier Baykee.

On the afternoon of April 9, a fierce competition was held in front of the building of  Baykee, and the atmosphere was high.The tug-of-war, organized by the Baykee workers union, has lasted three days, is a wonderful and meaningful activity in our Baykee. 

On April 11st, after two days of intense knockout, finally, storehouse department team and PCB board department team, get the Champions and runners up. When the referee whistle, both members showed the strongest squad with a high passion, especially at a stage of considerable strength, they didn’t give up. Our other colleagues all cheer up for the competitor during the competition. It shows the spirit of solidarity, indomitable perseverance,It is the value of the "home culture" of the Baykee family.

Winning team cheering, and their face was filled with joy, they show positive, unity, enterprising spirit, in this vibrant in April, the infected everyone in Baykee.

For a long time, the unique New Year staff parents condolatory gold, person of colorful team activities, annual health check-up, perfect welfare system, employee's birthday party, etc., All baykee members really feel that our company is a warm family . And at the same time, the Baykee creatively opened a "party leadership the unions, trade unions to guide social, community service staff," the unique enterprise culture of be born, from yoga, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, walk to the bicycle club activities such as vigorous. Because of these, make the leisure life of employees more colorful.


We not only focus on the quality of the products, but also care about the life of our workers. Baykee look forward to more and more clients visit our factory and would like to show our culture to you.

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