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The Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, Baykee Rail Transit Power Solution emergency power supply successfully installed

“It starts from Guilin Beltway, passes through Lingui of Guilin City, Longsheng and Liuzhou Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, and ends in Tangchao Village of Sanjiang Dudong Township (The boundary of Guangxi and Guizhou). It has two exits to Hunan and Guizhou in Guixiangsilong and Guiqiandudong, and the end is connected with the Shuikou-Duyun Expressway.”This highway which connect Hunan Province, Guizhou Province and Guangxi Province——The Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, is the fastest way between Guizhou, Guangxi and Guangdong at the meanwhile.

With the successful completion of the Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, The Belt and Road Initiative electric guardian——Baykee, has added a new mileage in the application area of rail transit. In this project, Baykee’s EPS emergency power supply scheme for tunnel emergency lighting won the the favor and recognition of the construction of Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, with excellent product quality and strong brand influence. It is responsible for guarding the safe operation of the emergency power system of the Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, helping the development and promotion of transportation industry in Guangxi.

Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway is a very important section of national highway planning. It is not only an important part of the two highways of Xiamen Expressway (Xiamen to Chengdu) and Baomao Expressway (Baotou to Maoming) in the National Highway Network Planning, but also a section of Guangzhou-Chengdu in the Pan-Pearl River Delta Expressway network which is called “Ten Shooting, Six Vertical, Five Horizontal, Six International Passages and Three Loops”. It connects poverty-stricken areas such as the southeastern part of Guizhou Province, the western part of Hunan Province, and the northeastern part of Guangxi. It becomes the link between these regions above and the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and ASEAN. To keep the constantly uninterrupted power supply and then guard the safety of the whole lines is an essential things.


Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway is the realistic need and fundamental way for Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County to build a transportation hub, a modern business logistics center and a Dong cultural tourism and leisure center in the junction of Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces (districts). It is an important engine to promote the economic of Sanjiang take-off as well as a moving project that stimulates domestic demand, creates employment and leverages development, which has great development significance for the economic acceleration of Guangxi Province. The power quality and no break power supply is very important for the expressway.


It is understood that there are 104 bridges on the entire line of Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, with a length of 33 kilometers and 23 tunnels with a length of 28 kilometers. The proportion of bridges and tunnels is 46%. It is difficult to design and construct because of the high mountains and the complicated geology. As a special section of the expressway, the tunnel-bridge section is an important part of the smooth and safe passage of the expressway. The tunnel environment is extremely harsh and unstable, so it has strict requirements for the application of the tunnel infrastructure. The supplier's qualification, production capacity and service capacity must be strictly choosed. For the complexity of the environment of the Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway, the Baykee technical team choosed the Baykee BK-D series, emergency lighting EPS, emergency powers source, as the core power supply solution for the project. It successfully passed the construction party's inspection of product performance, technical indicators, service system, etc., the product quality and technical strength were also fully affirmed.


Baykee has full experience in project implementation, extensive product line support and national level qualification certification in the field of emergency power supply for expressway, technical strength and brand influence are leading in the industry. Guangdong-wuzhou Expressway, Guangyuan-Bazhong Expressway, Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway, Guiyang-Guangzhou Expressway, Dali-Lijiang Expressway, Guangdong-Jiangxi Highway, Yuxiang super highway, Guangyuan-Shanxi Expressway... Baykee's construction layout of "one belt and one road" is constantly expanding. It has served 70% new highway projects, their mature and reliable products and leading technologies help China's transportation industry develop rapidly.

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