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Top quality products --- MP3100 Series online UPS power

Author: BAYKEE    Source: Baykee’s Official Website    Update: June 6,2017


For many company, an unexpected power surge or outage can be deadly to electronic data and equipment. So your best line of defense is securing an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS.


BAYKEE MP3100 Series 3phase online UPS power can help you protect power, MP3100 series pure sine wave 3phase online UPS system is the new generation transformer based true online double conversion full digital controlled UPS.


  • 256 real time event log with detailed parameters

  • Standard RS232 & RS485, optional dry contacts or SNMP card for remote control.

  • IGBT PWM inverter technology, provide the highest quality output power, efficiency is higher to 92%

  • Excellent load characters, Fulfill saltus from 0-100% without switching to bypass, safeguard stable output


We boast an experienced team of industry experts, as well as a comprehensive catalog of power protection systems, selling and supporting only the most reliable, highest quality products in the industry. We products are widely used in telecom, bank, security, transporting, utility, manufacture, industry, commerce, government, medical equipment etc.


About Baykee :


Baykee New Energy Technology Incorporated Company is the leading high power supply manufacturer, which dedicated to providing our clients with high-end technology, products and integration solutions. Baykee UPS power supply efficiency is up to 98%, energy-saving &environment friendly, EPS power supply switching time is less than 1.8ms, Refresh all Industry Technology record. Our achievements such as: Kenya Terminal, Bashir Farms, Vodafone Ghana data center, Guard Group Telecom Sites,Nigeria UT Bank Data Center and so on.


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