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Baykee IDC room cooling UPS system power supply successfully applied in Erdos cloud computing industry park

Author: Baykee    Source: Baykee’s Official Website    Update: August 16, 2017


Recently, IT infrastructure and power quality service providers "BAYKEE", once again promote the development of data center UPS system field, by virtue of excellent technology and rich experience in the application of the engine room UPS system power supply which win the users favor. IDC room cooling UPS system power supply program, successfully settled in the Ordos high-tech industrial park cloud computing industry park, for the refrigeration system, the room cold water pump to provide green, efficient and reliable emergency power protection.

ups system power supply

It is understood that,the Ordos City High-tech Industrial Development Zone is to promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industries, to promote the development of high-tech industries, focusing on scientific and technological achievements of industrial research and innovation business incubator, supporting the development of new energy, energy saving, clean coal technology and cloud Calculation, intelligent equipment, new materials, bio-medicine, modern service industry combination of "3 +5" industry. Equipped with four parks, respectively, science and education incubator park, cloud computing industry park, low-carbon innovation park and industrial development park.

The data center of the cloud computing industry park is highly closed, with high power density and high concentration, and its temperature and humidity must be tightly controlled. The stable operating environment requires a cooling system to balance the enormous heat dissipated by IT infrastructure. Once the cooling UPS system power supply is stopped Work, high-speed operation of the server equipment generated by the huge heat in a relatively closed environment, the temperature rose sharply, leading to equipment downtime, equipment failure, data center to stop service such serious consequences.

ups system power supply

In the Erdos cloud computing industry park room construction project, the operator based on the application environment put forward a high standard of technical requirements. To ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system to meet the operator's demand for the construction of the engine room, Baykee for the cloud computing industry park data room cooling system to create a green, efficient, reliable and other advantages as one of the IDC cooling system UPS security system, Baykee make the high-power EPS emergency power supply as the core of the power program to protect the room precision air conditioning, refrigeration pumps and other key equipment, stable operation, while operating at the lowest total cost.

With the overall solution of the engine room, the total package construction capacity and the perfect life cycle service, in the Baykee data center UPS system power supply field has deep technical precipitation and many industry success stories, Guangzhou super computer center, Beijing Yazhuang million country data center, China Telecom cloud computing Inner Mongolia Information Park, Tianjin IRS data center, national gene pool and other large data Center and other large IDC data center project has been successfully applied, with quality, professional, service to win the user's high recognition.


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