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UPS Topic Three: UPS classification (2)

This title is mainly tell that high frequency online UPS and modular UPS.


High frequency online UPS


High frequency online UPS adopt a drawer-type high intelligent modular design, can be used to increase and decrease the UPS modules to meet the power output/input and reliability, have great flexibility to achieve the best cost-effective. UPS adopt all digital control technology, focus on the best advanced technical achievements in the electronics and automatic control field.


High frequency online UPS has small volume, light weight, strong adaptability to the fluctuation of mains; The power factor more than 0.99, the harmonic is less than 3%, the pollution of the mains is reduced.


High frequency online UPS must be used in 20kHz UPS to work in high frequency IGBT, this IGBT is higher price, has a strict voltage, current working area.


Modular UPS 


The modular UPS, including rectifier, static bypass switch and ancillary control circuit. The greatest advantage of the ability to improve the reliability and availability of the system, a module failure doesn’t affect the normal work of other modules, hot-swappable can greatly shorten the system installation and repair time. the system structure of the modular UPS is very flexible.


The modular UPS can be configured according to the current business requirements and can add more modules. The optimization capability of this system significantly reduces the total cost of owner. Modular UPS design provides great flexibility in reconfigure power to meet changing business requirements. When you install, upgrade, reconfigure, or move a modular system, its standalone components, standard interfaces, and simple operations save time and cost.