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UPS Topics one: what is the online UPS power supply?

Many equipment failures, downtime, software outages, and data loss are all caused by power problems. It is known that online UPS power supply can prevent most of the power quality problems.


1. what is the  UPS power supply?


Uninterruple power system (UPS) is a storage device, and The main component of the inverter of component of constant voltage constant-frequency of uninterruptible power supply. It is mainly used to single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment.


When the mains is normal, UPS will be supplies to the stability mains to load, meanwhile, UPS is an AVR, it is charge to the inside of the battery; when the mains is failure, UPS is immediately provide power to load, and make it normal operation and protect the load, hardware isn’t damaged. UPS is usually provide high(low) voltage protection.


2. what is UPS solutions?


Firstly, UPS is supplied computer systems and network, can effectively solve the sudden power failure problem, cause affect the normal work, and give the computer or other load bring damage.  

Secondly, UPS can eliminate power surge, instantaneous high voltage, instantaneous low voltage, wire noise and frequency offset, etc. "supply pollution"


3. what is UPS features?


    UPS can prevent power quality problems and improve the power quality, to provide a high quality for computer system.

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