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Using ups battery properly to reduce back power UPS failure rate and extend battery life

Proper use and maintenance of the ups battery and solar power storage battery is one of the key factors to extend the life of the battery pack and reduce the total failure rate of the UPS power supply.

Periodic inspection

Check the terminal voltage and internal resistance of each unit battery regularly. For the 12V unit ups battery, if it is found that the terminal voltage difference between each unit cell exceeds 0.4V or the internal resistance of the battery exceeds 80mΩ, the unit battery should be equalized charging to restore the internal resistance of the battery and eliminate the terminal voltage imbalance between each unit cell. When equalized charging, the charging voltage can be 13.5 to 13.8V. Most of the batteries that have been equalized charging can restore their internal resistance to less than 30mΩ.

During the operation of the 3 phase UPS power supply, the above imbalance caused by the characteristics of each unit battery changes with time is impossible to eliminate by relying on the internal charging circuit of the double conversion online UPS. Therefore, the batteries having a significant imbalance in such characteristics has occurred. If does not take offline equalization processing in time, its imbalance will become more and more serious.

Re-float charge

If the UPS power supply is shut down for more than 10 days, before re-starting it, the UPS power supply should be started under the condition of no load to re-float charge the batteries for 10~12 hours or more time with its charging sub-product electric circuit inside the UPS.

After storage for 1 month at 20°C of room temperature, the capacity of the battery is about 97% of its rated capacity. If it is stored for 6 months, its usable capacity will become 80% of the rated capacity. If the storage temperature rises, its usable capacity will decrease more.

Reduce deep discharge

The service life of battery is closely related to the discharged depth. The loads of the UPS power supply is smaller, the ratio of the available capacity and its rated capacity is higher when the mains supply is interrupted. In this case, when the UPS power supply is automatically shut down due to the low battery voltage, the depth of discharge of the batteries is deeper.

When the UPS power supply is interrupted by the mains supply, and itis supplied the power to the inverter by the batteries, most online UPS will sound a periodic alarm sound with a gap of about 4s to inform the user that the UPS is now powered by the batteries. When the alarm sounds suddenly, it indicates that the batteries are in deep discharge, should be performed immediately to turn off the UPS power. And it is not forced to do so, generally do not let the UPS power supply work until the battery voltage is too low and automatically shut down.

Use the mains peak to charge

For the users who have long-term no break UPS power supply with low-voltage power supply or frequent power failure, in order to prevent premature damage of the batteries due to the insufficient long-term charging, the battery should be fully using the mains peak (such as late-night time) to charge the batteries to ensure that charge the batteries enough time after discharged. Generally after the batteries are deeply discharged, it takes at least 10 to 12 hours to recharge to 90% of the rated capacity. And pay attention to the choice of charger, it is best to choose the charger with both constant current and constant voltage to charge the batteries.  

Guarantee the ambient temperature of the batteries

The capacity available for the battery is closely related to the ambient temperature. Under normal circumstances, the performance parameters of the battery are calibrated at room temperature of 20°C. When the temperature is lower than 20°C, the available capacity of the battery will be reduced, or when the temperature is higher than 20°C, it is available capacity will increase slightly. Different types of batteries from different manufacturers are affected by temperature differently.

Of course, to extend the life of the battery packs should not only pay attention to maintenance and use, but also should consider the load characteristics (resistance, inductance, capacitance) and size when selecting. Do not leave the batteries to be performance in an excessively light loads for long time, so as to prevent the battery from being damaged due to the battery discharge current being too small.

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