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What does cooling failure mean to the data center?

All the UPS and IT equipment are same, when the temperature is high will go down. What is even more frightening is that some older UPS do not have an alarm of overheating at all. When the temperature sensor on the inverter or rectifier reaches the alarm threshold, it will shut down. So, the refrigeration of data center cannot be ignored either. So what should you pay attention to?

1. The whole cooling capacity of the Online UPS power supply data center.

The calculation of the whole cooling capacity is basically the same as that of the IT equipment room, like the heat dissipation of the equipment in the UPS data center, lighting load, ventilation load, structural heat load, etc. Among them, the heat dissipation of UPS equipment should be considered according to the specific conditions of different equipment.

2. The inlet and outlet positions of Online UPS power system.

The Online UPS power system mainly enters the air in the middle of the front panel of the system, and the air is discharged from the top. So, it is not suitable whatever the upper or lower precision air conditioner is used in the Online UPS data center (of course, VRV air conditioners are also used). This question needs to be considered in the layout. For example, if the air conditioner is very close to the Online UPS, the wind intake in the middle of the UPS will be affected to a certain extent.   

3. The placement of air conditioning equipment.

Since the general Online UPS center is not as neat as the IT equipment room, the most fundamental reason may be that there are many types of equipment in the Online UPS center, and the size is not the same. Therefore, when installing the air conditioner, be sure to keep the air outlet or the return air outlet only in the position of the channel. Do not blow the wind on the power distribution cabinet, if you blow to it directly, the power distribution cabinet will condense when the humidity is high.

For a running data center, it’s a terrible thing that the failure of the cooling system. Refrigeration failure can make the temperature of the data center reach the limit in a short time, it leading to serious consequences such as high-temperature alarms and shutdowns of the server.

The length of the temperature rise time and the scope of influence are related to the total IT load of the data center. It is recommended that the data center room perform a load limit temperature rise test before the completion and acceptance, and test the cooling system according to the full load of the data center room, so as to understand the temperature rise time of the data center under the condition of loss of cooling and after the cooling system is restored. Time to drop to normal operating temperature and understand the cooling capacity.  

Passing the temperature rise test can standardize the computer room operation and maintenance management process and requirements, and obtain the time standard for temperature rise processing. The test process is as follows: 1. According to the design capacity of a single cabinet, install a dummy load and load it to full load; 2. Turn on the refrigeration system and control the temperature of the cold aisle in the computer room at the set value (18~27); 3. Turn off the refrigeration system, stopwatch for timing, and continuously record (record once a minute or half a minute) the temperature rise of the cold aisle; 4. When the temperature of the cold aisle reaches the set limit temperature, record the temperature rise time, turn on the refrigeration system, and continuously record (record once a minute or half a minute) the temperature drop of the cold aisle; 5. When the temperature of the cold aisle returns to the set value (18~27) again, record the temperature drop time and the test ends.