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What is the Function of UPS Circuit Board in the High Capacity UPS?

Firstly, let’s discussed about the high capacity ups, UPS is the English abbreviation for uninterruptible power supply system. It is an important external device that can provide a continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply. UPS is divided into three categories: backup, interactive and online. As the name suggests, UPS is a machine that keeps a period of power supply when the mains supply is stopped, so that people have time to save and then shut down the machine calmly. UPS power supply is mainly composed of UPS mainframe and UPS battery. It is divided into online, backup and online interactive. According to the frequency, it is divided into high frequency machine and low frequency machine. When the machine has electricity, it will stable voltage of the mains electricity. Change, and store it in its own power supply, once it stops power supply, it can provide power, keep electrical equipment to maintain a working time, the holding time may be 10 minutes, half an hour, etc., the delay time is generally determined by the capacity of the battery. ● High reliability and uninterrupted power supply - guarantee the continuity of power ● Grid voltage regulation, purification function - eliminate grid fluctuations, pollution ● Battery management functions - extend battery life ● Intelligent monitoring function - effectively solve power maintenance functions.

What is the function of ups circuit board?

In the high capacity UPS, there are some different ups circuit board. Each ups circuit board plays very important role, including inverter board, IGBT rectifier board, PCB boards, main control boards, display boards etc. Each boards have its special function, the inverter boards is to control the machine to do the inverter function when the grid through the ups to supply the pure sine wave form to the loads or equipment. When inverter boards is off work, then the ups will keep in bypass mode. The IGBT rectifier changes the alternating current whose magnitude and direction change with time into a pulsating direct current whose direction does not change with time and whose magnitude changes with time..Or to say, transfer the Grid power to the Battery DC power. All those UPS circuit board is very important for the whole ups system, they are the core role to make the ups working well.