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What is the line interactive ups?

The line interactive UPS power supply is also called a 3-port UPS power supply, with a IGBT low frequency transformer inside. From the perspective of energy transfer, there are three energy flow ports in the transformer: port 1 is connected to the mains input; port 2 is connected to the battery through the bidirectional converter; port 3 is output. When the utility power is supplied, the AC power flows into the transformer through the port 1, and the appropriate transformer tap is choosed under the control of the voltage stabilizing circuit, and the output on the port 3 is jointly adjusted by the energy conversion of the battery under the action of the bidirectional converter of the port 2. The voltage is used to achieve a better voltage regulation effect; when the mains is powered down, the battery supplies power to the transformer through the bidirectional converter via port 2, maintaining the AC output on port 3. line interactive UPS power supply In the process of transformer tap switching, the bidirectional converter works as an inverter. The battery is powered, so that the output voltage can be uninterrupted, and there is no conversion time in the switching process from the mains supply to the battery supply. The circuit of the line interactive UPS power supply is simple to implement, and there is no separate charger, which brings about a reduction in production cost and an increase in reliability. Such products do not have AC/DC, DC/AC conversion when the utility power supply works, which improves the efficiency of the whole machine. The line interactive UPS combines many of the advantages of a backup UPS and an online UPS, and is a very good form of transformation. However, because it uses a power frequency transformer, it also has the problem of being bulky and bulky.


line interactive UPS features:

With bidirectional converter design, UPS battery recharge time is shorter;

Have the transfer time

The control structure is complex and the cost is higher than the high frequency online ups.

Protection performance is between on-line and off-line UPS, and it has poor ability to suppress mains noise and surge


Baykee have two type of line interactive ups: one is from 1kva to 6kva, without battery inside. The other one is from 600va to 5kva. Besides the line interactive ups,Baykee also supply online ups, outdoor ups, off line ups, EPS(emergency power source), Modular ups, suit for different need and area.