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What is the regular and popular ups capacity in the Market?

UPS or called uninterrupted power supply, now is very widely used in Telcom, Metro, Railway, Manufacturing, Industrial, Hospital, and large smart Building. Among them, based on our calculation and orders before, we have some very hot sale model, even, our factory have arranged many stocks in case of the large demand. For example, the railway and metro industry is one of very hot field for our company, our branch office around the all the cities every year, have millions dollars orders, at one time place 300pcs or more EPS(emergency power supply), 1kva to 10kva, 3 phase high capacity ups, from 100kva to 500kva, some modular ups even can reach to 1000kva. So For those orders, we always have rich stock, it reduce the delivery time and make sure each ups or eps with high quality.


Besides, our ups also have the best prices. When compared with other supplier in China, you may think why our price is high, actually as an old saying: the higher the price, the better the quality; We use the brand known infini IGBT to make sure the high efficiency of the transformer, and keep the safety use of the UPS. Besides, our breaker and switch all choose DELIXI or ABB, to guard the safety of the input and output. What is more important, we Baykee offer the 7*24hours online service, can solve the problem and make you no worries when use our ups. Whatever, Baykee is very brand known company in China, we have 11 years experience in UPS and inverter, you can also have a credit investigate about our company, can know that we are trustworthy and reliable. Baykee’s ups and solar inverter is reliable, cost-effective and can bring more and more profits for you.


What is the using life time of the ups and EPS?

When purchasing the ups, our clients are all worry about the using lifetime about them. For the ups, now it is very mature products, with familiar technology and art, designed to be used for 5-10 years. But every products need to maintenance timely, so for this special machine, our engineer suggest to check the operation of the ups timely, included the wire, cables, terminators, battery, battery connectors, so can find the questions on time, can reduce any loss for it. When used more then 6 years, we suggest to reply the battery even the whole ups system.The new ups system have higher efficiency and more function than the old one.


Welcome to ask for more information about the ups and eps, we can offer you more tips about the ups and maintenance.