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What is the Upgrade HTT-Pro Series High Frequency 15-400kVA UPS

We recommend our upgraded new products HTT-Pro series 15-400Kva UPS high frequency UPS which has been released in our 2019 marketing conference, some clients are curious about what the strength of the new type high frequency ups. Here let’s give you a brief introduction, so you can learn more about our UPS to meet the your requirements.

High Frequency Double Coversion Online UPS 15~400kVA

HTT series P-type 15-400Kva UPS is a true online double-conversion ups, static, three-phase uninterruptible power supply system. The whole series adopts IGBT power conversion technology of Vienna topology, ABM intelligent battery management system and other world advanced technologies. To a degree, it is similar to the normally high frequency modular ups, but in some places, they are very different. Designed in combination with the mainstream trends of green, environmental protection and energy saving and the industry-leading module technology, the technical indicators are excellent, which can effectively block the impact of abnormal power supply on the load and provide reliable, pure and stable uninterrupted output power.

Compared to the normal ups, its advantages is very outstanding:


HTT- P series

Normal UPS

Input power factor



Whole unit efficiency






Output power factor



Overload capacity(125% load constant time



Parallel mode

Via an internet wire

Via SNMP card 

The HTT Series P-type
15~400Kva UPS is flexible and adaptable to work with any type of load (inductive, capacitive). This transformerless UPS-based system enables system efficiencies of up to 94% and keeps valuable operating costs low (energy saving) while delivering the highest power quality for mission-critical loads. In addition to its high efficiency, the HTT Series P-type  15-400Kva UPS also provides an efficient mode with up to 98.5% efficiency for single and parallel systems. The safety and efficiency are the basis of the core design, all components are rugged.

The application of the HTT Series P-type ups is very wide, HTT series P-type UPS can be applied to manufacturing, communication, defense, hospital, computer business terminals, network servers, network equipment, data storage equipment, emergency lighting systems, traffic, fire safety alarm systems, wireless communication systems, program-controlled switches, Mobile communication, control equipment and its emergency protection system, personal computer and other fields. If you want to learn more details about the HTT-P type ups, welcome to ask for more details from our web.