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which device does the uninterruptible power supply support ?

UPS is the abbreviation of uninterruptible power system. It is an important external device that can provide continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply.

When the machine is working on the power, the UPS inverts the mains AC and stores it in its own power supply. Once the power supply is stopped, it can provide power and use the electric equipment to maintain a working time. The holding time is determined by the capacity of the battery. 

In addition to solving the problem of mains power failure, UPS uninterruptible power supply can also solve power quality problems such as surge, high voltage spike, transient overvoltage, voltage sags, wire noise, frequency offset, continuous low voltage, and mains interruption. And UPS power supply can ensure the continuity of power, eliminate grid fluctuations and pollution, extend battery life, and effectively solve power maintenance functions.


Then, there are many people who think that UPS effectively protects the power supply from lightning strikes. This view is wrong. According to the long-term statistical data of scientists, the overvoltage amplitude generated by direct lightning strikes on general low-voltage overhead lines is as high as 100KV, and the telecommunication lines are as high as 40~60KV. Inductive lightning overvoltage amplitude is up to 20KV on unshielded overhead lines, and unshielded underground cables up to 10KV. It is conceivable that even if a UPS that meets the IEC801-5 standard lightning protection device is installed, if its power line front end ( Power distribution rooms, rooms, cabinets, and boxes are not equipped with effective high-energy lightning protection devices. These UPSs are also subject to the fate of destructive lightning strikes.


However, choose a suitable ups is very essential, according to different loads, Baykee have various type for choose. Line interactive ups, double conversion online ups, modular ups, outdoor ups, EPS(emergency power source), off grid solar inverter and MPPT solar charge controller, and solar panel, suit for different needs and requirement. What is more, we can design different ups and solar system for the clients. After read the blog, if you want to learn more details, welcome to visit our web.