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Ye Dezhi, Aerospace Baykee’s vice president, with our Chinese dreams, are always on the way

Aerospace Baykee chasing the sun. The space dream of the Sang Luozhou people, the Chinese dream, the chairman of the aerospace blog, Ye Dezhi, ran on the aerospace road. Aerospace quality, escorting the great Chinese dream.


On Saturday, August 18th, the 2018 China Military-civilian Integration Investment Development Forum and Foshan Industrial Matchmaking Conference was held at the Beijing International Hotel. At the forum, Wu Zhijian, deputy commander of the Chinese lunar exploration project, and Aerospace Baykee Ye Dezhi shared their experiences.


With the development of the military-civilian integration industry in Foshan, a number of “civilian-involved military” enterprises have also begun to rise, and Baykee New Energy is a typical example. As a successful case of Foshan military-civilian integration, Ye Dezhi, president of Foshan Baykee New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., shared the experience of participating in the military-civilian integration project in Foshan.


According to reports, 60% of the national high-speed rail emergency power supply system is provided by Baykee New Energy. In addition, the company participated in a series of key projects such as China Road, China Bridge, China Car, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. Over the years, the company has been providing uninterrupted power supply design for high-reliability, small-volume, multi-variety power markets, and has developed related products with research institutes such as the Navy, Army, and Air Force. Ye Dezhi said that with the integration of military and civilian The national strategy, defense demand and policy promotion, the company's power core technology also ushered in new development opportunities. In 2017, after a one-year strategic adjustment, Baykee New Energy signed a merger agreement with China Aerospace Science and Industry Group and officially joined the national team.


Not so long ago, the equity delivery was completed with the Aerospace Science and Industry Group, and Foshan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated into the National Team. Ye Dezhi, president of Baykee New Energy, said that Foshan is a leading place, and the company's growth and development is inseparable from the government's support. Being a member of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group will provide greater opportunities and broader space for the next phase of the development of Aerospace. It will also place higher demands on all employees of Aerospace. In the future, It is necessary to inherit the excellent quality of the astronauts' hard work and hard work, and apply the aerospace spirit to work and life. It will build Aerospace Baykee into a new power source in the power field of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group, and strive to build a world-class power supply brand. Baykees products include Emergency power supply, online double conversion ups, high frequency ups, battery, off grid solar inverter and so on. 

Because of its good reputation, in the domestic aviation field, Baykee successfully served customers in the aviation fields such as Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Yunnan Lijiang Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Jieyang Chaoshan Airport. National power brand, made in China, Baykee is committed to providing a reliable power supply guarantee system for the development of China's aviation industry, helping domestic aviation manufacturing to take off.


For the future, Ye Dezhi is full of confidence. He said: "Baykee has completed the mission of controlling from private enterprises to central enterprises, and has strengthened its technology and military, and has officially become a member of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group. This provides the next stage of development. With greater opportunities and broader space, we will strive to build Space Shuttle into a new power source for the aerospace science and technology group and move toward the goal of internationally renowned electric companies."