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How to monitor and manage my online ups and solar inverter?

In the market, the uninterrupted power supply choose the different type of communication interface for monitoring and management. There are various communication interface suit for different online ups or solar inverter: Relay interface, RS232, RS485, AS400, SNMP card and USB. Today let us briefly introduce the SNMP card interface. 

The SNMP card monitor and manage the UPS via connecting the internet without through the computer equipment.

 Browse, control, system administrator three-level security system, easy to manage while avoiding all kinds of misuse and malicious damage Support WEB browsing and various NMS management systems, remote monitoring of UPS on any operating platform can realize online online upgrade of software on the card.

  • 10/100M adaptive UPS dedicated network adapter card to improve network data transmission speed and facilitate user network upgrade

  • Safe power-on circuit design, SNMP card installation hot swap, UPS does not need to shut down

  • All settings are done by software without hardware dialing

  • High-speed, high-performance CPU (50MHz POWERPC), compared to other 20MHz CPUs, fundamentally improve processing speed and speed up event response

The SNMP card or to say NetAgent allows UPS to be monitor on network. When the UPS connects with NetAgent, the system manager could check each and every UPS condition by a computer with Browser installed. The manager could monitor and control the UPS by simply input the IP address of the NetAgent which connects to the UPS. When there is a power abnormal condition happens, the NetAgent could also send the trap information to the system manager to take proper action.

NetAgent Provides Shutdown Utilities. When a computer install our shutdown software in the network that connects to the NetAgent, when UPS is in AC failure condition or Battery Low condition, the software would close all the files of the operating system and shutdown gracefully. This could avoid system corrupt when a power disconnection happened. 

NetAgent II for Surrounding Monitoring. 3 Ports NetAgent or NetAgent with USB ports could connect to optional sensorNetFeeler II to get the surrounding temperature/humidity/smoke/fire signals. These information could also be revealed on the NetAgent Web page. When there is an abnormal condition happened, it could also be sent as a trap to the system manager.

When we need the NetAgent? When we need to remote monitoring and controls the UPS conditions.For example, the system manager could use the Internet to control all the UPS conditions all over the country. When the shutdown utility is installed, the shutdown utility could close all the files and shutdown the system when a power abnormal condition happened. When we need to monitor surrounding conditions of the server room, factory, office, etc. For example, the system manager could know the temperature, humidity, smoke and water condition by our NetFeeler II which connects with NetAgent. User may read the data via NetAgent webpag.

So, the SNMP card or to say NetAgent is very important for the users to do the annual management, and easily to know the situation of the online ups and solar inverter.